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Ionic Framework

Mobile apps can be generally broken down into native, hybrid and web apps. In the native apps, allows you to use all of the capabilities of the device and operating system, with a minimum performance overhead on a given platform. However, in web apps allows your code to be ported across platforms, which reduces the development time and cost. Hybrid apps combine of both worlds, using a common code to deploy native like apps to a wide range of platforms.

At Tac Gears, we had a large practice on JavaScript based development activities using MEAN Stack etc., Tac Gears started his journey with Phone gap, Tac Gears is specializing on IONIC Framework - for the development of Hybrid Mobile applications that can run on Android, iOS, Windows etc., Hybrid Mobile Application Development are built in a similar manner as websites. Instead of targeting a mobile browser, hybrid applications target a WebView hosted inside a native container.

Most of the Hybrid Mobile applications uses Apache Cordova, a platform that provides a consistent of JavaScript APIs to access device capabilities through plug-ins, which are built with native code. Ionic Framework provides all the capabilities of native application and saves from writing the code for each operating system, thereby reducing the development time and saving maintenance costs.

Benefits of Ionic App Development.

  Ionic allows to develop highly compatible apps that can deliver native look and feel on different mobile operating systems.

  One source for all the supported platforms, including Android and OSX, which saves both time and cost.

  Ionic allows to use great frameworks like Angular, which helps to add ultra features and functionalities to your app.

  Apps developed using ionic are easy to understand for users, which increases app usage .

  Beneficial for the enhanced marketing and augmented awareness and popularity of the apps.

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